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John Coupland, author of ACCELerate™ Your Social Media, is an award winning social media and networking professional with over 25 years corporate experience – 20 years in e-business. John now leads a team helping small medium businesses realise that all-important return on investment with their social media marketing. He is the Founder of the South East London Business Network and London Global groups, amongst others, which include thousands of members combined.

What makes @networkerplus Social Media different?


Front cover FINAL FINALFirstly, you’ll find that many social media professionals bolt-on their social media services to their core businesses. We don’t.  Social media is our business. With our extensive e-business experience, we’re multi-award winning too. This didn’t happen by chance, it happened because we lead from the front by speaking at many events and by delighting our clients.

In addition to being a published author, John frequently writes for third party publications both in the UK and abroad, 

@networkerplus Social Media thrives and leads in innovation. With our international, direct and trusted contacts – our ‘Satellites’ in the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Australia – we’re able to keep our fingers on the pulse in today’s exciting and fast-paced world of social networking. We offer this as a value add to our clients at no additional cost.

An example is the introduction of QR Codes and Augmented Reality in the UK.

@networkerplus Social Media was one of the UK’s first social media businesses to share the remarkable benefits of these marketing tools, whilst catching the majority of our competition napping. How? Well,  in addition to our overseas contacts, remember what we said about Social Media being our core business? For example, we don’t do flashy web design, SEO, nor business coaching – although we feel we’re pretty good at adding value as far as that’s concerned.

We do social media. That’s it.  It’s the core of what we do and that’s how passionate we are.

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The other key differential is, whilst many declare “You must do Facebook!”, (and other similar – ‘samey’ – calls-to-action), @networkerplus Social Media believes that, whichever social networks you embark on to benefit your business, you need a clear, proven and time efficient methodology to achieve good ROI. By consistently putting face-to-face engagement first – before the on-line – John has personally developed such a methodology. It’s known as ACCELerate™.

Social Media is transparent so you have the benefit of seeing whether we practice what we preach by checking out our social networks – these are our real ‘websites.’  Additionally, see what our customers think by out checking our testimonials.

Our extensive and award winning experience of the retail & branded goods industries – including research and development – ensures our clients remain ahead of their competitors too.

Engage with us – even if it’s by clicking on the various social media buttons below initially. Feel free to check out our testimonials. Client site / call references available on request.

We look forward to getting to know you.


We are passionate about providing excellence to our customers.

As it’s  impossible to be totally skillful in every aspect of marketing, we believe it’s vital to share certain specialisms to ensure our customers’ needs are addressed to the maximum. No expert marketer can know everything!

We are therefore proud to have found and to be working with the following partners whom we recommend highly. (More will be listed soon!)

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Shine a Light Media provide email marketing consultancy, management and training services to companies large and small.  Whether you just want some advice or help dealing with an email marketing challenge, wherever you are in your email marketing journey, Shine a Light Media can help you make more of your efforts, increase your engagement and generate more revenue.

Contact: Kate Barrett  | Mobile: 07938 351 026 | Phone: 01689 897 592 | E-mail: enquiries@shinealightmedia.com | Website: www.shinealightmedia.com