Terms regarding @networkerplus Social Media’s “Claim your free social media strategy session worth £147″ and our www.SocialMediaWorkshopLondon.com opt-in pages.
The opt-ins and associated offers are for those who genuinely want to strategise their social networking.
This is a scheduled 30 minute conversation via landline telephone or Skype.
It’s not for those who have…
  • already booked on / attended one of our events.
  • completed any form of strategy session with us.
  • an enquiry about our social media management (outsource) service. (That’s a 30 minute call and an entirely different conversation. You may still submit your details here though).
  • a similar profession / industry as us. (Look us up against ‘Social Media Week®, London’ – We have and will continue to try to help you there, subject to availability).
  • another social media provider, unless you can assure us your current proivider knows you’re leaving them. (We don’t tout from others as we love our profession).
  • third party web addresses like Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc, where we are unable to identify who you represent from your domain.
  • time to waste.
We reserve the right to decline your opt-in. If we do, we won’t of course communicate / market to you unless for reasons relating to why we declined.
We loathe spam too and we never share your contact details with third parties.